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Wells was launched in June 2003 as an experiment in “emerging church”. Emerging church has become a technical term for growing church out of non-church situations. It is more than an outreach programme. The distinction is that it is not simply a clever way to get people into existing church. Whatever grows out of the situation is church, if certain conditions pertain. We have a trendy name for these new organisms – "wells". They are communities of faith (or churches) but they continue to be shaped by the mission emphasis that brought them into being. Connecting them to the existing church is part of the experiment.

This initiative is a partnership between the Diocese of Down and Dromore and Belvoir Parish. Bishop Harold Miller and Canon Tom Keightley are the patriarchs but all the real work is done by ordinary people and somehow held together by an ordinary Reverend – Adrian McCartney.

The challenge is, if we can do it, you can do it!