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We’re trying to figure out what church can look like in a place like the Shankill. It seems people here aren’t interested in the Sunday morning, sing some songs, listen to a talk type of moment - so our challenge is to think outside the box.

We’ve looked to the Bible for inspiration, more specifically to Jesus and Acts. We meet together in each other’s houses to have dinner, to share, to pray and to inspire each other. During the week we meet in twos and threes for accountability and discipleship. When any of these gatherings gets too big, we let it become two smaller gatherings - we’ve decided small and relational is what works best.

Hopefully in doing this, we’re creating something that people who live in this area can feel comfortable belonging to; without having to learn a language or a way of doing things that is outside of their culture. I guess thats a fancy way of saying we’re trying to meet people where they are at.

The times we don’t meet are just as important as the times we do, maybe even more important. They are the times we get to invite others on the journey of following Jesus…

Find out more at: www.wellsshankill.org