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We live today in a time of fragmented lives, families, and communities; where the world around us is changing faster than many of us are able keep up with it. In the midst of this change, many people are seeking something deeper than a day to day existence - there is a longing to belong to and believe in something of worth.


The reality never seems quite as exciting as the dream that gave it birth; maybe thats because we're real people and we get things wrong just like everyone else, maybe it just means we need to try harder.

To help you understand what our reality looks like, why don't you spend some time finding out what the people living out the vision are up to.


The family of God is obviously a worldwide and all-time reality. 

Most of us who are not Dr. Who have to be content to live in a particular place for a certain length of time. 

While there we have to discover what the family of God is and how we can be part of it. 


A blog is an online journal, a way of helping people stay up to date with what is going on.

We encourage each well to blog about what has been happening with them, so that we can all feel part of what they are doing.

Over time, as each well records its history, we will begin to see the bigger picture of what God is doing.