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The family of God is obviously a worldwide and all-time reality.  Most of us who are not Dr. Who have to be content to live in a particular place for a certain length of time.  While there we have to discover what the family of God is and how we can be part of it.  

Our ideas of what the church is like are fairly well culturally shaped and even when we apply scripture to them we tend to default back to something like it has always been.  Wells is no different mostly.  We are trying to be the family of God.  If there is any difference it is that we want to be shaped by the mission and by those whom we engage with rather than predetermining the result.

So tell me how I can belong?

  1. Join a well and engage in its life, its mission activities, its gatherings, its social life and everything else.

  2. Ask us if you can start your own well and ask to become part of the family, bringing your bit with you.

  3. You already have something going and you would like to be part of the wider family of Wells where you can belong and be supported in your mission. If your thing is already connected to an existing church then we would have to develop understanding with that church and its leadership.

  4. Join the Mission Shaped Ministry course at Edgehill College and get to know Neville who will be leading the course.  He will help you decide about boring a well.

  5. You like the idea of being “mission-shaped” but you are committed to your youth group or church already.  We would like to develop a network of missionaries in Ireland who will be committed to a huddle (the threes and fours among the twelve disciples, or the twos sent off into mission by Jesus).  This need not affect your present church involvement.  It may actually enhance it. 

  6. Or any mixture of the above.

Some examples of how this all fits together

Person 1 lives on the Shankill and is involved in local mission there.  She also goes to Moneyrea Wells on a Sunday morning for the amazing teaching and inspirational song-singing.  She has a mentor there but also joins Resound for summer outreach.

Person 2 is a leader in Fused but goes to Moneyrea Wells on a Sunday because of the inter-generational stuff that suits his family.  He also does outreach with homeless guys in the city centre on Tuesday nights.

Person 3 is a leader in Resound and goes on the annual weekend away but apart from that does not really pay any attention to other wells.  

Person 4 is presently being drawn into exploring faith with some of the guys in Fused and does not know there is anything called Wells.  He has to get to know someone called Jesus before we expand his life with church structure.

Person 5 is committed to his own church in another part of this island but wants to belong to something that will help sustain and inspire him without detracting from his existing church commitment.

The common denominator is being mission-shaped.

We ask you to consider four things (choose your four) –

If you want to be part of this community, or if you have questions you want to ask, please email us.